Teen Limmud at LimmudFest 2018

This year’s weekend festival of Big Tent Jewish culture, art, spirituality and learning includes a few special Teen Limmud sessions given for teens, by teens:

You Jew You – We all share the trait of being Jewish, yet we may all see it differently and may practice and define our Judaism differently. Rachel Laufer will lead a discussion based on the idea that there is no wrong or right definition of Judaism, and no matter how you were raised or currently practice your religion, it is yours and you are Jewish.

A Taste of Teamwork – In this interactive session, Ethan Katz and Joanna Moody will direct a practice of teamwork, patience and creativity, in the hope that participants will walk away with an appreciation of what is possible when team members work together.

About the Teen Limmud Presenters


Ethan Katz is a 10th-grader at Metairie Park Country Day School. He holds the honorable position of S’gan (Programming Vice President in BBYO). When Ethan is not attending BBYO programs, he enjoys running cross country; he is presently the district champion. Ethan is also a member of the National Honor Society.

Rachel Laufer is a junior at Lusher Charter School, where she is in the Certificate of Artistry Program for Musical Theatre. She is a Lusher cheerleader and has served on many student government positions such as freshmen and sophomore class president. Rachel has been an active member in BBYO since eigth grade, following in her father and brother’s footsteps. She has served as the Schlicha (Jewish Coordinator) for two terms, the S’ganit (Programming Vice-President) for two terms, and one term as the Aym Ha Chaverot (Recruitment Vice-President. Rachel is currently serving as the N’siah, the Chapter President, for her second term.

Joanna Moody is a tenth grader at Metairie Park Country Day School. She was a competitive gymnast for nine years and is now a pole vaulter. She has been a part of BBYO for two years, where she has held a board position as secretary for two terms and currently holds the position of Vice President and Programming Chair.

Of course, Teens are also welcome to attend any of LimmudFest’s 100+ sessions on social justice, art, music, contemporary Jewish issues, and everything Jewish.