More Presenters Announced!

As we head into the new calendar year, our roster of featured presenters continues to grow. We are excited to offer some more information on three more of the thoughtful and passionate speakers coming to town for Limmud Fest 2016.

Rabbi Lila Kagedan is the first Orthodox woman in North America to assume the title rabbi. She is a consultant, activist, and educator in the areas of global health, ethics, religion, and education. A clinical ethicist and chaplain, she sits on the ethics committees of major hospitals and academic institutions. She has also taught Talmud, ethics, and Jewish studies in a variety of settings and has written on medicine and Jewish law, Jewish ethics, as well as on topics relating to women and Judaism/Jewish practice.

Saul Robbins, a New York-based photographer, is interested in the ways people interact within their surroundings, and the psychological dynamics of intimacy. His photographs are motivated by observations of human behavior and personal experience, especially those related to loss and the desire for unification. In his work, “Found” he interprets the mitzvah of finding and returning lost objects.

Leora Mallach, MEd, is the co-founder of Beantown Jewish Gardens in Boston, which provides meaningful Jewish environmental programming but also engages in such sacred acts as growing healthy food and planting organic gardens. She has been an experiential educator for several Jewish environmental groups. In her free time, she can be found hiking in the mountains, berry picking, or making batik tablecloths, Challah covers, and baby onesies for her business B.B. batiks.

For a constantly updated roster of all featured presenters appearing at Limmud Fest 2016, keep an eye on the presenters page. And don’t forget: registration is now open.  There is special pricing for young adults and children, and early bird discounts end January 31, 2016.