Another Taste of Limmud: January 26, Anshe Sfard

As Limmud Fest 2016 quickly approaches, we’d like to invite you to another free event designed to give everyone a feel for what Limmud is all about.. On January 26, 2016, Limmud New Orleans presents “Another Taste Of Limmud”, an evening of learning at Anshe Sfard Synagogue, 2230 Carondelet Street.  From 7:00PM until 8:30PM, Rabbis David Polsky of Anshe Sfard and Alexis Pinsky of Gates of Prayer will facilitate a chavruta study session on a issue of particular interest today:

A Torah of Fire(arms)

While the Second Amendment was written in America 1791, Jews throughout time have been engaging in discussions about guns/weapons, rights to carry them, and when and how to oppose their usage. Come explore the all too relevant issue of gun control through a new Jewish lens, while together through interactive discussion and study, we engage with the teachings and writings of Jewish thinkers from biblical times through the present.

The “study with a buddy” style session will allow participants to review and discuss the source material in pairs and as a group. Snacks and refreshments will be provided and Limmud organizers will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about LimmudFest 2016, A Weekend Festival of Big Tent Jewish Learning, Arts, Culture & Spirituality. For all the specifics, check out the event on Facebook and be sure to tell a friend!