LimmudFest New Orleans is a 501c3 nonprofit that requires generous donations from people like you to make sure we can bring you the best learning fest possible. Please consider making a donation today to help build a new type of communal program and a new type of learning community.

Did you know…

…the real cost of LimmudFest New Orleans is about $125 per person?

…the only way to keep prices low is with support from our community.

Your contribution of…

  • $75 gives a scholarship to an attendee who cannot otherwise afford to attend
  • $180 covers recycling expenses for LimmudFest New Orleans
  • $300 brings a presenter from New York City

Rewards Programs

You can also donate frequent-flyer miles to LimmudFest New Orleans to help us bring in excellent presenters from all over the world. To learn more about donating from rewards programs, fill out our donation form.

Thank You!

Please make your check payable to LimmudFest New Orleans, and send to:

6310 Fontainebleau Drive
New Orleans, LA  70125

If you any questions, ideas or concerns about how or what to give, drop us a line. And thank you so much for your generosity.