New Orleans

March 16 – 18, 2018


Limmudfest is a weekend festival of Big Tent Jewish learning, arts, culture and spirituality… locally planned and run by a community of volunteers.




Learning Sessions

Choose Your Path

LimmudFest will feature over 90 dynamic learning sessions to ensure there is something for participants of all lifestyles and levels of Jewish knowledge.

Bring The Whole Family

With a lineup of quality children’s programming, parents can learn for themselves and be confident that their children will also experience the magic of LimmudFest.

It’s All Included

All food at Limmudfest will be kosher, and all the delicious catered meals and snacks are included in the registration fee.

This year, LimmudFest’s celebration of learning, community, and culture includes a Shabbaton at Congregation Gates of Prayer on Friday and Saturday, and more learning and cultural programs at the newly expanded Uptown JCC on Saturday night and Sunday.


Here are just a few of the thoughtful and passionate presenters who will be appearing at LimmudFest

Rabbi Dayna Ruttenberg

Rabbi Dayna Ruttenberg

Rabbi Michael Cook

Rabbi Michael Cook

Poppy Tooker

Poppy Tooker

Joel Dinerstein

Joel Dinerstein

…with so many more to be announced soon!


We have arranged for special rates if you would like to stay in a hotel or, to take advantage of real New Orleans hospitality, you can participate in the home hospitliaty program as either a guest or a host.

Home Hospitality

Whether you are Shomer Shabbos and want to be able to walk to Gates of Prayer on Shabbat or maybe just because you want to make some new friends, stay with a local Jewish family in their home!

Special Rates

If you prefer a hotel, we will be reserving a block of rooms at a hotel that is within walking distance from from Gates of Prayer, our Shabbat venue.


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